Homeopathy is a holistic healing system.


                         The word 'homeopathy' is derived from the Greek
                  'homoio' meaning similar and 'pathos' meaning ‘suffering’.

                            As Hippocrates said ‘Likes are cured by likes’. 
                 This means that a substance which creates symptoms in a healthy person
                                 will cure a person with similar symptoms.
       Every substance in nature heals as long as it is appropriate for a person’s totality.

                                               Every person is unique. 
                               Mental and physical balance offer total wellness.

                      In this guiding principle persons are not divided into different parts 
                         but all symptoms are expressions of the inner state of being.

               In practice, Homeopathy analyzes the deeper causes of a disease 
                                and treats the whole person as an individual.

                                  This natural healing system through suitable 
                                   homeopathic remedies- the ‘Simillimum’-
                                free from contraindications and side effects,
                          motivates the person’s vital force to accomplish everything 
                                            that is essential for self-healing. 
                                                                            Nomikou Margarita 
                                                                               Holistic healing