Homeopathy for Animals : The bohemian Sir with Leishmaniasis

Charlie : The bohemian Sir

1st meeting
I found him on the street when he was 6 months old.
I thought I found a black bag.
He is love. He is communicative, very cuddly.
He has changed a lot lately.
He feels insecure. He is more attached.
He goes to bed and doesn't want to leave it.
Slowly eye cataract begins. Since 2014 he has developed Kala-azar.
His title was low, his kidneys had not affect his liver.
He had convulsions and some colic, probably from the hematocrit.
He has a very sensitive stomach.
Gastroenteritis with blood and vomits with blood.
He has a problem with his trachea. After sleep he has fractures.
It happens too much. It has been happening for months now.
He has a dry skin. He has intense itching and it is pleasurable when scratched.
He has kyphosis and some arthritis.
He has some skin itching that he remembers it
only when he's bored and when he doesn't go out.
After many conventional allopathic treatments,
he developed anemia and hemolysis.
In January 2018 his hematocrit was 25 points and fall to 19 points.
The Vet was not sure if he would survive.
He did the injectable and intravenous treatment.
He has colitis. With some weird mucus.
It does not exhaust him,
unless in the case that he will have blood.
He snores.
He is very happy. Friendly. He greets people.
He is also jealous.
He is quiet.
He is a good actor.
He has completed 4 conventional treatments for kalazar.
He had treatments for diarrhea and vomiting.
We observe that his points fall into the treatment.
Points have not risen above the normal.
In generally he is a dog with low hematocrit.
We cannot continue to use conventional treatments.
We want a normal hematocrit and him to be well.
He has a ravenous appetite.
Except when he did the conventional treatment.
At that time he was 6 and a half kilos and his fur wasn’t very well.
He hasn’t been sterilized. He has mated once.
He has impulses. He is dominant as a male.
Without fighting, he wants to be imposed.
It's a nice relationship between us.
I talk to him and he understands.
Our communication is very good.

2nd Meeting
"He came into the office comfortable, sir, and sat down normally."
He is fine, contrary to what the tests show. He is well.
Days of treatment
1st -3rd day He had no appetite at all. He didn't want starch at all.
4th day He snore. The itching subsided. His breath stopped smelling. He was better.
5th day He had gasses. He became dominant with cats and dogs.
He started claiming for the first time.
At home he was sluggish. He wanted water. He didn't want starch.
6th day was easy. He changed the route of his walk.
He did it alone.
For three days in a row he started eating greens.
He started licking his legs and locks.
7th day He vomited and had a spasm that stopped immediately.
He had almost no itching.
8-9th day He has a little snoring. He eats with normal appetite .
He is very active at home. He has gasses.
10th day He vomited only once. He had good appetite. Good stools.
He didn't eat greens.
11th day There was none response.
12th day In the morning he got up and made a straight jump.
13th day He started the cortisone treatment. He was thirsty. He had a diarrhea.
He got the suggested homeopathic remedy. 
After that stools was solid.
He has a problem with feces. All this time and before they are yellow.
He has a tummy ache, gasses and diarrhea. He is easy to diarrhea with mucus.
His nose is constantly wet.
He is very attached to me.
I'm told :”What happened to Charlie and he came back?
He has a different energy”

3rd Meeting
He is very well.
All his blood tests are much better than the first time.
The hematocrit was in 33 with cortisone and now is from 30 to 27.
His hair are very good.
We will follow the conventional treatment for him, but not very intensely.
But very carefully because we are afraid that he might not make it.
Allopathic treatments doesn’t work for him.
The injections cause subcutaneous inflammation.
After 15th days of treatment his skin swells
and he has inflammations under his skin.
After a while, his skin was hardening and not easy to pierce.
We want Homeopathy work on the skin.
Helping the skin and lymph with the injection site.
He fainted one day.
No diarrhea. His intestines are very good,
they have stopped being heard.
He is very greedy, he is very happy.
He understands everything.
He is jealous, not so much as in the beginning.
He is very competitive.
On walks he is fine.
He chooses different routes for his walks.
Today, when he realized that we were going somewhere, he was jumping.
He is friendly with the others , he is very happy.
In general people are shocked how much better he is.

4th Meeting
He is very good.
Soon he will complete chemical treatment .It is going very well.
His stools are surprisingly well-formed.
Although he follows the other treatment.
He drinks a lot of water. The kidneys are in perfect condition.
The snoring started again and is intense.
Compared to the second month, he hasn’t improved so much.
Overall we are very good. He has a lot of energy.
He plays with his toys. Before he wasn’t playing alone.
He plays with the cats. He chases them to play.
When he drinks water he doesn’t get drown.
He rarely does.
Before he did it all the time.
The Vet sees him well.
He wants visits, he wants people.
He is very sociable and kind with other animals.
He didn’t faint again.
He had some issues with fainting.
His fainting was like paralyzing in his front legs.
He didn’t have the symptoms of a stroke.
I was a little afraid of him on the stairs,
but he goes up and down like a “bullet"(sfaira=so quick)

5th Meeting
He runs, plays, barks all day.
He did not faint again.
He is awkward, he plays and pops on the furniture.
He was always careless.
He is very possessive with everything.
Even with his place on the couch.
One day he started limping and seemed unable to.
I thought that it was because it rained outside. But on the walk he was really better.
But he couldn’t get on the couch. He seemed to be suffering a lot.
Then I hugged him and take him to bed.
His attitude was "help me, I can’t climb on the couch".
That day before he started limping I was hugged by a family member.
When he followed the conventional treatment, his hair was very cloudy.
Now it's very shiny without anything changed.
It is incredible. You feel that his perception has risen sharply.
I tell him "I'll lie down and when it's time for the dinner ,
you'll come and wake me“.
He came. He shook me. It was unbelievable.
He is like a small child. He has crazy a energy. He runs up and down.
Compared to the other family dog ​​that Charlie is one year older,
the other looks like “grandpa”.
Charlie is like an alien. He is young again.

A friend asked me
- What is Charlie doing?
- He is another dog. He is the dog that I forgot I had.
The vet has been saying for a long time that he has improved a lot.
His hair is very good.
He finds that he has done so many conventional treatments
Ηis internal organs have not been affected, are clean.
He used to get colic when he took supplement of iron.
Now, no diarrhea or convulsions.
His intestines, which used to be heard, has stopped.
It is obvious that he has improved.
Everyone sees it.

A few days later:
His hematocrit is at 39.
I took him to the vet. All the previous times, his hind legs were shaking
during the examination.
This time he lay down comfortable and relaxed.
He put on the holder
without turning his head and he didn't seem to be scared.

Review from the Owner:

When Charlie fell ill with Leishmaniasis 6 years ago I was scared and prepared for the
worst...chemical therapies one after the other only managed to sustain the dog for small
periods of time before he fell ill again, with the disease getting more and more aggressive. Just
before Christmas I was told it was back again (hemolysis causing severe anemia) for the 5th
time and with Charlie's oldish age (11 years) it would be even harder for him to survive the
therapy. I was devastated!!! This is when Margarita (Mrs Nomikou) came in to our life...So
approachable (even from the 1st phone call) and full of positive energy she clicked immediately with
both me and foremost with Charlie!! Charlie started with the therapy she advised immediately and
from day 4 the change was obvious! He was happier, stronger, his fur fuller, his eyes brighter
and his appetite improved. 4 whole months have passed and the dog is unrecognizable!! He
looks and acts like a young Charlie and most importantly after 4 months the anemia has also
started to improve in digits (the last test finally gave a hematocrit within the normal range). I
have to stress that Margarita was there whenever we needed her, eager to listen and help throughout
the way. More so, all this went on during the stressful coronavirus outbreak where Mrs Nomikou never
stopped being there through Skype to assist us when needed. I know that Charlie still has along
way to go but I now feel confident that he will have good life quality and above all I am grateful
for Margarita having crossed my and Charlie's path!!!