Homeopathy Holistic Healing - Margarita Nomikou

Man, as part of the Whole, follows the universal principle of reflection. Reflection occurs in the human brain through the separation of its hemispheres. The left hemisphere is responsible for verbal, analytical, logical, cognitive processes and the right hemisphere for emotional, aesthetic functions. Inner harmony is the result of equilibrium between them.

The holistic view merges both universal universality and individual totality. Homeopathic healing art and Holistic vision are inextricably linked to each other. All disorders are perceived as expressions of a wider whole, and the uniqueness of the individual is of considerable importance. With the appropriate homeopathic therapies, the vital self-healing power of the body is given the necessary impetus to perform the necessary functions for the treatment.

The concept of vital force, that "keeps all parts of an organism in a 
remarkable harmonious life function" (S. Hahnemann), is a cornerstone 
in healing art. The vital self-healing power becomes visible through
the manifestation of the symptoms of the  disorder and manifests itself 
at the levels  of the body, Mind, Soul, Body. 

The generative causes of the symptoms of each level vary from person to 
person. Undeniably, all results are generated by the corresponding causes. 
Holistic homeopathic investigation identifies the causes of altered vital force 
and makes the corresponding association of symptoms.The investigation is 
carried out through the first basic examination and the reviews.The 
examinations / meetings are in the form of a discussion, with the patient 
expressing what is of concern to him and the homeopath to explore at all 
levels of the body, always in the context of the patient's totality. It should be 
noted that treatment sessions are not replaced by random advice of any kind,
which, due to the non-holistic approach, tends to harm but to benefit both
the flow of  treatment and health in the long term. 

The history, the extent of pathology and the complexity of the causes of 
the disorder are the key factors in the course of the treatment. Of primary 
importance are the symptoms at the mental and emotional level, with the 
symptoms of the body level following. With further deepening, additional 
level assessments can be distinguished and, for example, a hierarchical
hierarchy is a symptom of a vital organ (heart) that is more important than
 a symptom in dermal local (eczema). 
The evaluation of the therapeutic course goes hand in hand with the physical 
perception. The C.Hering cure-law places the improvement "from top to bottom 
and from the inside towards the outside and with the opposite occurrence
of the symptoms". Therapy, therefore, starts from the mental-emotional level 
and ends in the physical, with the last symptom of appearance being removed
first and the first symptom being removed last. 
Unlike illness, the healing process is aimed at issues of the present and past. 
Depending on the level  of pathology, older symptoms may appear with the
body "causing" past, mild and temporary disorders. This effort leads to
complete discharge of generative causes throughout their entire length. 
This progressive discharge is the entire healing process.

The fact is that not eliminating the causes of a disorder tends to push the
symptoms back and constantly associated with the experience of any previous
situation. Their expression involves the former, each time forming a new, 
concentric, wider and deeper state. 

Acute and chronic manifestations distinguish the expressions of the disease. 
Extending, the repetition of related symptoms defines the chronic alteration 
of vital force. While, symptoms alone and temporarily reveal acute expressions
of disorder. The two phases are totally connected, with their  fragmentary 
disconnection to lift the holistic view.
The inherent tendency of the body for self-healing has clear expressions 
through acid phases. There, the body uses specific pathways for the
elimination of harmful agents at all levels of pathology.The most common 
means of elimination are tears, sweat, fever, runny nose, diarrhea and skin 

The above are characterized as self-healing devices when their duration does
not stress the body. The extent and complexity of the disorder may be
intensified in the event of unpredictable and numerous interventions in these 
physical events. Acute phases and natural events work together and balance
in the broadest of all. 

The time of healing is totally interwoven with individual uniqueness with any 
attempt to predict to lead to unluckiness. The organization's ultimate 
requirement is true holistic healing rather than simple relief of symptoms. 
This is achieved through meetings / reviews where they help to frame
the first taking of the history and to draw valuable conclusions about the 
wider functioning of the body during treatment. 

                                “  We shall not cease from exploration,
                                       and the end of all our exploring
                                     will be to arrive where we started
                                And know the place for the first time”
The ideal of ​​the concept of balance tends to acquire mythical dimensions. 
However, as ideal is the equilibrium situation, so real can be achieved.
By letting ourselves and turning our energy into exploring the causes that
deprive our inner harmony, we essentially expose ourselves and our possibilities
to infinity.

                    Margarita Nomikou         
Holistic Healing